From scratch to the final product, we cover all stages in the production of electronic PCB.

Hardware design
Our experienced team of engineers brings a cost-effective and reliable design for serial
production, using field-proof components and innovative solutions.

Electronic PCB design
Very fast PCB design that accommodates to customer casing and/or needs using modern
software tools ( Altium designer, Orcad ).

PCB assembling
SMD and through hole production on two fully automated lines in our own factory

Embedded software developing
Using well-proofed methods and tools for software developing, as well as our great bank
of accumulated knowledge and solutions, our customers get practically in „no time“ fully
functional, bug-free custom design embedded software.

Application software developing
According to customer needs, we create applications for remote/web monitoring and/or
cloud orientated applications.

Developing testing procedures and equipment
Developing of complex testing procedures and testing equipment necessary for fast,
reliable, precise and accurate testing of produced PCB-s adjusted for mass production

Casing design
Design of suitable, eye-catching and cost-effective case for electronic PCB using different
methods and technics.

Post-production support
Ultra-fast response to customer needs for hardware and software adaptations and upgrades.
Repairs of units produced in our factory.